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  • Step 1 Find a High Quality Article
    Sharesly Google search
    The higher quality, the better. You want it to engage visitors, so it should be well-written and contain interesting pictures, videos, graphs, or charts. It helps if it's either super informative or even controversial.

    Ideas for finding this content:
    * Google Search / Google News
    * BuzzSumo
    * LinkedIn Groups
    * Quora
  • Step 2 Create a Sharesly Page
    Sharesly Add Page
    Start with the URL of the content you just found. Then fill in details like:
    * Popover Text - This is some verbiage to catch the attention of the reader. It'll appear in a popover in the lower left corner of the screen.
    * Button Text - This is the call-to-action text on the button.
    * Button URL - This is the URL you want to send the traffic to. Typically your landing page, squeeze page, affiliate link, etc.
  • Step 3 Grab the Short Link
    Sharesly Page - 2015 Marketing Trends
    In this example, it's You can see that we used a custom short code of "2015MarketingTrends", which should help get more clicks.

    The screenshot on the left shows what your new Sharesly page looks like. Notice the popover in the lower left with the blue button that will drive traffic to our site.

    Also notice the floating social media share bar on the left that will help this page go viral. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to promote this page.
  • Step 4 Now Share That Sharesly Link!
    Sharesly Facebook post
    Now is the fun part. We post the link to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, forums... anywhere and everywhere we can think of.

    The goal here is to share this quality content with your followers, so they'll think "Hey, that's a really good article!" and then they'll re-share it to their followers.

    Then some of those people (who have never heard of your brand), will click your call-to-action button, and arrive at your site. Booya.